Tasmanian Hospitality Industry Strategic Plan
Tasmanian Hospitality Industry Strategic Plan

The Minister for Hospitality, Scott Bacon MP, today joined representatives from the Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA) to officially launch the inaugural Tasmanian Hospitality Industry Strategic Plan.

Mr Bacon said the plan was a key initiative of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the State Government and the THA, and was funded through the 2011-12 State Budget.

“The hospitality industry is not generally recognised for its contribution to the state’s economy, but it makes a significant impact,” Mr Bacon said.

“There are 2 000 businesses employing some 20 000 people in the industry, and it contributes over $576 million each year to the Gross State Product.

“More than 70 per cent of Tasmania’s hospitality service is consumed by locals, and the industry is an important economic and social contributor to the state’s liveability as well as a key element of the visitor experience.

“Indeed, hospitality is the lifeblood of Tasmania’s regional economies, and the state’s Economic Development Plan is focused on strengthening these communities which help to make Tasmania such a liveable place.”

Mr Bacon said the Tasmanian Government had worked closely with the industry, and in particular with the THA, since the creation of the hospitality portfolio in 2009 to deliver key initiatives.

“The State Government budgeted $100 000 in 2010-11 and again in 2011-12, which has already seen a number of projects completed including those focussed on skills development, training, employment and career opportunities in the industry,” Mr Bacon said.

“The development of the Strategic Plan for the Hospitality Industry was a key initiative for 2011-12.

“Developed by Martin Farley from consulting firm Creating Preferred Futures, in consultation with industry stakeholders, the plan sets out a vision for the future of the industry and strategies and initiatives to achieve this.

“It is an important step in setting a vision and providing a framework to guide the development of a profitable and sustainable industry that offers quality experience and service.

“We want the hospitality industry to continue to have access to high-quality, capable staff and resources, not only to guarantee that the industry remains profitable but also to ensure that we provide a quality service to Tasmanians and our visitors.

“I am delighted to be able to launch this plan today, and I am excited about what is ahead for the hospitality industry in this state.

“In just a few weeks, Hobart will play host to the Australian Hospitality Conference, the first of its kind in Australia, which will help raise the industry’s profile and celebrate its achievements.

“The conference will take place at the Wrest Point Casino from 3 to 5 September 2012, and is bound to help cement Tasmania’s reputation for quality hospitality on the national stage.”


Click here to download the Strategic Plan (1MB Adobe PDF)

Click here to download the summary brochure (3MB Adobe PDF)

For more information about the Australian Hospitality Conference, or to register, go to www.hospitalityconference.com.au.


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