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The Antarctic Tasmania and Science Research Development (ATSRD) business unit sits within the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts. It is committed to the strategic development and sustainable growth of the science research sector in Tasmania.

Tasmania is fortunate to possess a diverse and substantial science research sector, attracting around $500 million in investment annually. The sector contributes significantly to economic activity, delivers knowledge, products and services that help other sectors to grow. It also seeks to solve problems affecting the Tasmanian community’s quality of life.

The science research sector exhibits potential for further growth, as Tasmania possesses a number of competitive advantages in terms of natural assets, existing science research capabilities and liveability benefits. These advantages make the state an ideal location for Australian and international investment in local science research.

Science Research Advisory Committee

The Science Research Advisory Committee (SRAC) was established to provide high level advice on science research matters. This reflects the sector’s priority status within the Economic Development Plan. SRAC has been instrumental in developing and finalising Reaching our potential, Tasmania’s science research sector-wide strategy. It will continue to provide advice on the strategy’s implementation. Read more about SRAC.

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ATSRD is the contact point for all individuals and organisations striving to meet the sector’s goals.


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