Small business in Tasmania

If you’re thinking of starting or relocating your small business, Tasmania is the place to be. The small business sector in Tasmania is self-reliant, innovative, responsive and entrepreneurial by nature. It is home to about 36 000 small businesses, with women accounting for more than a third of Tasmania’s small business operators. For further details see the Tasmanian Government's Small Business Strategy

Key Statistics for Small Business in Tasmania

36 000 small businesses in Tasmania[1] 

Almost one third of small business operators are aged over 50[2] 

95% of all businesses in Tasmania[4]

Over a third of small business operators are women[5]

73% of small business are located in Hobart, Launceston, Burnie & Devonport[4]

Almost a quarter of all small business operators are born overseas[5]

58.8% are non-employing[4]

One third work part-time[5]

39% of small businesses are in exporting industries[4]

92% of small business owners operate one business (8% have multiple small businesses)[5]

Almost 40% of small businesses are operated from homes[5]

Around 90% of small businesses in Aust have broadband access (data not available for Tas)[3] 

Tasmania’s small businesses exist in a range of industries, with high representation in agriculture, forestry, fishing, construction and services. These five industries account for almost 60 per cent of Tasmania’s small businesses.  Small business is also highly represented in the state’s tourism sector, with at least 90 per cent of the 2 000 operators classified as small business.

Everything is in easy reach, with access to natural resources, transport and logistics and professional services just around the corner. The cost of doing business in Tasmania is generally lower than other places in Australia due to our lower rates of taxation, cost of property and labour. It makes for an easier place to do business.

The state also offers a number of programs and initiatives that support small businesses and are delivered by the Tasmanian Government.

The Enterprise Centres Tasmania program is funded by the Tasmanian Government, with eight centres throughout the state offering free and confidential business information, guidance and support services to small business owners and intenders.

Mentoring Service is a Tasmanian statewide small business mentoring service.

Business Tasmania – all your business needs in one place.
At last, business information, tools and resources are easy to find and accessible 24/7. From starting to finishing and every stage in- between, it’s all here. You’ll find help with getting on line, tips on employing people, links to business registrations, news on grants and funding, open government tenders and so much more.

For more information you can visit the following websites: Enterprise Centres, Mentoring Service, and Business Tasmania 

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