Invest in Tasmania

Recognised globally for our world heritage areas, focus on innovation, environmental credentials and great lifestyle, Tasmania provides a sustainable future for your business. Whether you are looking to grow your business, globalise your enterprise or extend your investment portfolio, there are many reasons to invest in Tasmania:

  • abundant natural resources
  • clean renewable energy supply
  • enviable lifestyle
  • research and development focused community
  • resilient economy
  • strategic location.

Tasmania is a state of unlimited opportunities. The Tasmanian Government is ready to discuss your investment proposal or help you explore the possibilities Tasmania has to offer. For more details, visit the Investment Attraction section of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts website.

Trade in Tasmania

Tasmania enjoys a formidable reputation around the globe for its reliable supply of premium products and the delivery of high-quality services. Tasmania's high-demand exports include agriculture crops such as vegetables, cherries, pyrethrum, confectionery, wine grapes and traditional products including dairy, beef and wool. The state's seafood exports come from fish farms and wild catch from the cool, clean oceans that encircle Tasmania.

Tasmania's high-quality manufactured products are used in a variety of applications around the globe such as maritime, mining, defence, oil and gas. Tasmania is a leader in timber and veneers. Tasmania is rich in natural resources and exports minerals such as copper, iron ore, zinc, lead and coal.

The Tasmanian Government actively facilitates the exporting of these products and services. There are also several other organisations that can provide assistance with export related issues.

For more details on trade with Tasmania, visit us at 



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