The Tasmanian school system

Under the Tasmanian education system, students may attend pre-school or kindergarten prior to primary school. Compulsory education begins at the age of five years. This means that a child who is at least five years of age by 1 January in any year must be enrolled at a school or provided with approved home education.

Young people are required to participate in education and training until they have completed year 12, gained a Certificate III vocational qualification, or turned 17 years old.

Students in both government and independent schools complete the Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE) in years 11 and 12, which provides them with a Tertiary Entrance Score for universities around Australia.

The school year is currently divided into four terms.

All teachers must be skilled and qualified, of good character and be registered with the Teachers Registration Board of Tasmania. Visit the Board's website for more information.

Government Schools - visit the Department of Education website
Independent Schools - visit the Independent Schools Tasmania website
Home education - visit the Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council website

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