Exploring Tasmania

'Tasmania is a place of fierce contrasts, of tormenting memories which it contains in its deeply gracious presence … The island is jam-packed with people who have deliberately chosen it as the site of the good life: somewhere to be kinder, more composed, more appreciative of important things.' - Andrew Motion, Britain’s Poet Laureate

Tasmania offers many safe, affordable, and easily accessible weekend experiences in one of the most unique and unspoilt locations in the world.

Explore the built environment

Whether exploring your neighborhood or local town on foot or by bike, or the whole state by car - you will soon develop an intimate appreciation of what each place has to offer.

Tasmania is known for its colonial built heritage - such as Port Arthur and Salamanca Place, but there are other places that only locals know.

Tasmanian architecture features sensitive and successful reuse of historic buildings in public spaces throughout the island. They have become galleries, accommodation, offices and shops or cinemas. Funky modern additions add to the urban character of some streets.

The larger centres such as Hobart and Launceston have attractive streetscapes and the suburbs have their own appeal often with a backdrop of urban bush and beautiful scenery.

When you move here, take time to find your favourite arcades and laneways, grocers, butchers, bakers and fresh food growers. Weekend farmers’ markets are a good starting place.

Explore our heritage

Pristine wilderness, World Heritage areas, rugged mountain ranges, pure white sandy beaches, breathtaking scenery and unique flora and fauna are less than two hours away from Tasmania's city centres by car.

Tasmania is recognised internationally for its World Heritage areas and has a wealth of local bushland reserves, parks, gardens and pathways. You can explore these as a family, in group activities with clubs or classes, or simply take time out for some reflection and relaxation.

Check out:

Tasmania’s ease of access to its coastline makes sailing and fishing very popular weekend activities. Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) has more information on recreational boating. Boating is a popular family activity and a great way to explore Tasmania's well kept secrets. 

Explore our culture

Tasmania’s cultural life is rich and varied throughout the state. Attending local events and exhibitions are a great way to meet locals and discover talent across all kind of fields. See more at smART Map.

Find out about local events from your council website at living locally or at the Tasmanian Events Calendar.

For details about what to see and do when visiting towns and villages around Tasmania start with Tourism Tasmania’s Destinations, the official tourism website of Tasmania.

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