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Headworks holiday for developers

The Tasmanian Government has announced a waiver of headworks charges for new development. The scheme involves reimbursing TasWater for headworks charges that would otherwise be payable by developers. For details on the policy follow the link below.

Digital Directions

Digital Directions showcases a selection of Tasmanian businesses that have benefited from digital marketing. The case studies show how businesses use social media to boost their profiles and customer base in a cost-effective and strategic way. To view these videos, follow the link to the Business Tasmania website below.

Latest news

Farm finance loan scheme

In Tasmania, the Concessional Loans Scheme will assist Farm Businesses experiencing debt servicing difficulties but are considered potentially viable in the longer term.

Bushfire inquiry report

The Tasmanian Government has released the inquiry report into the January 2013 bushfires, detailing the government’s response to some of the most severe bushfires on record in Tasmania.

Industry Innovation Precincts

As part of the Australian Government Jobs Package a series of Industry Innovation Precincts are to be established.
These precincts will be led by industry and will help businesses and researchers collaborate, share knowledge, create products and services and take advantage of business opportunities.

Business Tasmania

Business Tasmania is a user-focused online tool to providing easy access to business information and helping make compliance easier. has relevant content, links and tools squarely designed to meet the needs of people in business.

Invest Tasmania Map launched

The new online Invest Tasmania Map has been launched showing almost $12.6 billion of investment activity that is either under consideration, planned, or underway in Tasmania.  The map allows users to view project sites with satellite imagery and provides brief information on those projects.


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