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The department offers grants to businesses and individuals to assist in professional and sector development in Tasmania.  This includes support for expansion of Tasmanian industry, access to Arts in Tasmania and opportunities for Tasmanians to participate in sport and recreation activities.


The department offers a variety of different loan schemes to businesses, sole traders and to promote arts, culture and sport and recreation opportunities.



Broaden and expand your business knowledge and market understanding by participating in a range of programs provided by the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts.

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Farming Loan Scheme

In Tasmania, the Concessional Loans Scheme will assist Farm Businesses experiencing debt servicing difficulties but are considered potentially viable in the longer term.

Farm finance concessional loans scheme guidelines

The Tasmanian Government has released the inquiry report into the January 2013 bushfires, detailing the government’s response to some of the most severe bushfires on record in Tasmania.

A plan for Australian Jobs logo

As part of the Australian Government Jobs Package a series of Industry Innovation Precincts are to be established.
These precincts will be led by industry and will help businesses and researchers collaborate, share knowledge, create products and services and take advantage of business opportunities.


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