Industry Structure

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Industry Structure

The broad structure of Tasmania’s renewable energy generation and related sectors is provided below.


Hydro Tasmania generates most of Tasmania’s renewable electricity.

Smaller scale distributed or embedded generation facilities (generally under 5MW) include wind and solar power landfill gas, mini-hydro, and bio-energy from various renewable biomass feedstock.

Solar photovoltaic and solar hot water have been gaining popularity at the household and micro scale. 

Transmission and Distribution

The transmission and distribution of Tasmania’s (mostly) renewable electricity in Tasmania are conducted by Transend Networks and Aurora Energy (Networks division) respectively.


The following entities have been issued licences to retail electricity in Tasmania. Information on the level of activity in the Tasmanian retail market is available on the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator website

Aurora Energy:
Essential Energy (formerly Country Energy):
ERM Power Retail:
AGL Sales:


Biofuel has been used at a small scale for applications including farm machinery and in some private vehicles.

Regulatory Bodies

A number of bodies have responsibility for the rules and regulations governing the operation of the energy market, including the regulation of wholesale and electricity transmission and distribution networks in the national electricity market.

For more information on each of these bodies, see the following links:

Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC):
Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO):
Australian Energy Regulator (AER):
Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator (OTTER):


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